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When it comes to premium cigars, the Cuban cigars is still considered as the one that still hold the market as a premium cigar even after an embargo was placed on the product itself. As a matter of fact, there has been an increase in the number of individuals who are still looking for the said premium cigar. And because of the demand of such a cigar, those who are searching for it typically ends up purchasing a fraudulent one instead of the real thing. Another thing that you need to know about the Cuban cigars is the fact that the Habana's are still known for being the connoisseur of this kind of cigar. No matter how much the cigars are being sold, people will still not back down and instead, they will keep on pursuing these premium cigars at any cost. Perhaps you are wondering why people are doing such kind of thing. Well, one of the main reasons behind it would be the fact that they are after the taste of the cigar itself. Another reason would be due to the fact that they have not yet experienced all of the other premium cigars out there that are being offered locally. Not to mention of the fact that these cigars also offer the best quality of flavor and draw just the way the Cuban cigar tends to do.


Regardless of the fact that these premium cigars are now considered as contraband, there are still so many people out there, cigar smoker or just a collector, who have no care about such a thing. In fact, they are still in pursuit of the premium Padron cigars that the world has to offer, no matter where they went or where they can find one. There might also be others who have connections with the manufacturers of popular cigars. Although we are trying to look for the Cuban cigars since they are known for being premium cigars, we tend to forget about the fact that there are also lots of people out there who are defrauding connoisseurs by using fake ones. So, how will you be able to differentiate a real premium cigar from the fake ones? Simple. You just need to take into consideration its packaging, the colors and also the labels of the cigars as well. When it comes to packaging, you will observe that those fake cigars does not have the same fine quality as the real premium ones. You can also take a look at the wrap, the paper wraps or even the tips and carefully inspect them. In terms of packaging, premium cigars are known for having the best one.


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