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Premium cigars are ideally for pure enjoyment from start to finish in just one sitting. That is why a line of cigars offers a variety of formats, so don't buy a big cigar and just end up cutting it into two. When smoking fine cigars there are essential rules you need to follow in order to enjoy your smoking session at its fullest.


1. A longer cigar provides a cooler smoke and development of flavor has more potential from start to finish. Premium cigars use tobaccos that have long fillers, whole leaves running the whole length of a cigar. The solid tobacco leaf turns to a liquid and gas as the premium cigar burns, drawing the smoke from the filler into your throat and palate. The residual oils allow a bolder and richer cigar experience as you smoke.


2. The more filler tobaccos are used in making thicker cigars, but all premium cigars utilize wrapper leaf and a binder leaf regardless of the size. In thicker cigars, the smoke has more air incorporated into it, and they have a rounder body. On the other hand, thinner cigars are more intense and focus when it comes to body and flavor.


3. A darker cigar does not always mean it is a stronger cigar. A darker cigar is the result of the manner of fermentation process which can result even to a bittersweet or slightly sweeter influence. If you want a strong cigar, experts recommend choosing a darker wrapper shade but not the darkest. It is safer to choose a lighter wrapped cigar if you want a mild cigar.


4. Premium cigars are not meant to be inhaled but are rather enjoyed by our palate. It is like drinking in a straw, creating a suction in your mouth, pulling it in your mouth and holding it in your mouth for as long as you want while you breathe through your nose, expelling the smoke out of your mouth.


5. A straight cut is the best way of cutting premium Ashton cigars. As you might have observed, premium cigars have horizontal lines wrapped around the cigar's head circumference. Those are the lines created by overlapping the wrapper leaf, so if you would cut your fine cigar, aim to remove the cap and not removing the layers, because cutting too much may unravel the entire cigar.


6. Premium cigars don't have additives or accelerant so it is safe to rest your cigar in an ashtray and let it extinguish on its own without smashing or stubbing it.


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